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Mesh Backpacks Are Available!

We've been working with some American factories to create inexpensive, durable mesh backpacks for school students. This has taken longer than we expected, but the results have been extremely gratifying.

Our challenge has been to find a mesh backpack that has a Jansport quality without the Jansport pricetag ($40 to $65 for consumers).

Our winning mesh backpack is more durable, more see-through, and has enough color varieties to keep the students interested. Our first test, once we received samples from the factory, was to stick a pencil into the holes to see what it would take to stick a pencil through. We broke the pencil!

Omni, our mesh style, is available in 8 colors: blue, hunter green, Orange, Crimson, cardinal red, gold, black and royal purple.

This is a huge mesh backpack! Dimensions are 21'H x 15'W x 8'D


Yellow.gifblack.gif        purmesh.gif





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